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Tiger Tiger Woods Ya’ll

The Tiger Woods pandemonium picked back up this week when Woods announced that he intends to make his long awaited and scrutinized return to the game of golf in a by declaring he will participate in this year’s Masters tournament, I’m sure you all are aware of the dark cloud and personal prying that has occurred in regards to Wood’s personal and private life within recent months. In a released statement Woods said that he has spent the past 2 months receiving “treatment” ummmm what “treatment” is there for banging all kinds of chicks? Where’s Amy Winehouse when you need her? They try 2 make me go 2 rehab but is say No No No. Woods return is SURE to be first page news and his every put, tee, drive ummm those are all the golf references I know lol will be watched heavily as critics will search to find fault in his play much like they turned to piranhas to interview every bleach blonde Betty that came forward 2 set the clock for their 15 minutes of fame. The Masters is GUARANTEED to possibly be the highest rated Masters of all time. Winning cures a lot only losers complain, as I as once told. The story hasn’t written itself but if Woods is able to not only compete but WIN the Masters people will soon forget the storm that has been following in the previous months. ummmm On the flip side if he performs miserably people will have more ammunition to scorn him. Well I hope the best for the guy he’s the only reason I watch golf so im eager to see how he performs.

Hello this is Tiger Ummm can you please take your name off your phone…. Quickly!

Note: The excessive use of “ummmm” was an attempt to pay homage to Tiger Wood’s speech pattern




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  1. To those who say he needs not apologise, I say this, he made millions out of the public eye, we own him, his choice, he wants out of the deal, go away, easy. But a lot of kids looked up to him on TV showing how wonderful he supposedly is. He does owe an apolog, but no explanation, reason is simple, power and opportunity went to his head and was more important to him than those who loved him, makes him a pretty lousy guy. And probably better he goes away. But dllars talk and sponsors will forgive, because they will do anything for a buck

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  4. For an extended time, Tiger Woods was just one of my heroes. He epitomized brilliance. Okay, I’m not excellent, but when a heroic public figure is found to be so faded, it can take the hero out of heroism. Almost all one has left is “-ism” — idiot, stupid, moron. Is he a terrific golfer? You bet he’s. Almost certainly he’ll always be deemed one of the greatest of them all.

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