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The Art of Infidelity

There have been a string of recent “celeb” breakups from Monica and Rocko, Kim and Reggie, Kim and Reggie again, Shaq and Shaunie, Allen Iverson and his wife. Other “celebs”have been involved in infidelity scandals Tiger and his Wife, Wyclef and his Wife such forth and so on. It’s not just a “celeb” thing, it’s a life thing. I tragically broke the sad but true news to females via twitter that ALL MEN CHEAT. They either are cheating, cheated or intend to cheat. I’m not one to impregnate the minds of females with fairy tales so as expected I was bombarded with replies from females trying to debunk my theory, but it’s a proven fact. Sex is an impulse not an emotion, females have sex with their heart, males have sex with their mind and we all know the mind is far more forgiving and forgetful than the heart is. FELLAS I’m not saying don’t give monogamy a try but at least be honest with yourself and know that you’re not perfect and that the possibility of being unfaithful may and will occur. I’m the type of guy where I tell females upfront “AY you coo I’m feeling you but if you think we gon be together for 15 plus years and you gon be the only girl I lay my love stick upon then you crazy as aw get out” *shrugs* LADIES don’t believe that theres that one guy who is going to be fully committed to you is out there cause he’s NOT I’m sure you can find a guy to SAY all those nice things to you but talk is cheap. He knows he don’t mean that ish and you shouldn’t expect him to mean it. I think that some females actually prefer to be misled to a certain extent, that’s the reason guys get away with cheating and the girl accepting them back. As bad as a person is or does, people are attached to the slight HINT of good in another person so they’ll ignore the bad. PEOPLE let’s be honest with one another, be upfront and forthright the world isn’t perfect and we as people aren’t perfect. Love is just as UGLY as it is beautiful so let’s accept the bad with the good but find a balance that is fair for both sides. Infidelity is a natural occurrence in life, it’s the not the best occurrence but it has occurred is occurring and will continue to occur.



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  1. Hey, I just hopped over to your site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thanks for making something worth reading.

  2. This is my first visit here, but I will be back soon, because I really like the way you are writing, it is so simple and honest