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Where’s hot for early 2011

The holidays are over, and we are all the financially challenged. On top of that we are all the most stressed, tired and, well, let’s be honest a little bit more down than usual. January is, to me, like the movie 28 days later, everywhere is dead and we’re all wandering around like zombies. So, shall we discuss some lovely destinations where we can get away from the monotany of everyday after holiday depression? I say yes!

Now I wouldn’t usually reccommend a straight up holiday without much planning because of the unadventurous factor but at this time of year I think we all need to relax, and on the cheap side.

If you’re travelling from Europe Aer Lingus is a great place to book your flights as they’re having their 75Th birthday celebration sale until the 14Th of January, so you have to be quick!  The deals are well worth it though as they have one way tickets to anywhere in the US and Canada from Dublin for €199.99 – €269.00 , and to any place in Europe from €29.99 to 69.99!! These are really great deals as there are such beautiful places such as Nice, France for all your relaxing beach needs. It’s a laid back place to go for €39.99. If you like to party to relieve your stress then it’s time to put Nice on the back burner however, as there is a very limited night life. My tip for getting wild in Europe is Amsterdam, where the tickets are going for €29.99, now its reputation proceeds it, I must admit, but the city is so much more than a stoner’s paradise. It is a party 24/7 365. There is never a dull moment in this gorgeous, picturesque Dutch city. Whatever the weather Amsterdam is always the place to be.

However if you want to head to the US, the best bet you have is to head to the most popular destinations as they’re going to be cheapest at this time of year. New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and even some South American places such as Puerta Vallarta, Mexico will be good places to go. Although Puerta Vallerta will be in an off season so the likely hood of it being slow paced is very possible. If this is what you want then going through LAX would be the best way to get there is through LAX for as little as $278.00 roundtrip.

Wherever you go in the next few months to relax, make sure you pick the best destination for you to get what you need from it, so that when summer rolls back around you are ready to book with alot less stress! Make 2011 a relaxing one!

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