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steve martin an object of beauty

Art Read: Steve Martin’s “An Object of Beauty”

A leisure and entertaining read for those of the world of art is American actor and producer Steve Martin’s “An Object of Beauty.” Martin tells the tale of Lacey Yeager, a young New York City art dealer, and her rise to the upper echelons of the high-end art world.

Steve Martin’s great love of art and collecting (in 2006 he sold an Edward Hopper painting at Sothebys for $26.8 million) as well as his reported close friendships with art world magnates Larry Gagosian and William Acquavella, allow him to use his whimsical sense of humor and storytelling to indulge in the inner worlds of the at times secretive and manipulative art market.

The tale is told by Lacey’s underpaid and struggling art critic friend Daniel Franks who narrates with Martin’s own sense of witty humor, and documents how gallerina Lacey and the art she sells seems to thrive, but that the greed and snobbery associated with it ultimately do not.

An Object of Beauty is available from Grand Central Publishing for $26.99

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