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Lipsticks, Lipsticks, Lipsticks

Choosing lipsticks are based on many different factors and depending on what you are after, it can be very daunting. You need to choose regarding your skin tone, lasting power, moisturizing power and the list could go on. Below is a quick and easy guide with some number 1 recommendations for your next lipstick expedition.

First we should distinguish the difference between a few of the types of lipsticks.

Long-wearing Lipsticks: These are the lipsticks that claim to stay all day through the kisses and everyday wear. If you’ve used one of these you know that’s not the case. Don’t waste your money, there are cheaper and easier ways to help any lipstick last through-out the rough wear and tear. A small tip to keep your lipstick lasting longer is apply your first coat, then dap your lips with a tissue and then apply another coat. This will hopefully intensify the color while keeping it on. Matte lipsticks, tend to stay on longer than shimmery so opt for matte if your after long lasting. Another at home tip is, once you have applied your lipstick, brush a tiny amount of foundation powder over your lips. This will give a great finish to your lip color while locking in the staying power.

Matte Lipsticks: These lipsticks usually contain kaolin as a primary ingredient for staying power and give lipsticks a no shine, no grease texture. These lipsticks tend to be drying, but if you’re looking for staying power, matte is a good option. Matte is also great for day time wear as it is not shiny.

Sheer/Stain Lipsticks: The pigmentation of sheers and stains is not very high. They tend to be more moisturizing then other types of lipsticks. They also tend to wear easy but leave a nice hint of color. Sheer / stain lipsticks are great for day wear, something light and moisturizing while your on the job.

Moisturizing Lipsticks: These contain lots of conditioning ingredients such as shea butter. These lipsticks tend to wear off easy due to the moisturizing ingredients in them but if you have dry lips, always place a lip balm on before applying your lipstick. This also will help prevent lipstick staining on your natural lip color. Have you ever worn a lipstick all night, especially a brightly shaded one and then when its time to remove it, it still leaves a slight stain to your lips? Well use a lip balm before, or you can rub a small amount of you foundation on your lips before applying. These old school remedies work swell!

Now this is one of the most important points when choosing your lipstick color. It all comes down to your skin complexion. But by all means if you enjoy wearing a certain color that doesn’t match your skin complexion, then keep on wearing it.

Dark Skin Tone – is best to wear lip colors that contain more pigment such as rich, dark toffee colors, deep plums and reds with a blue undertone.

Fair Skin Tone – great to choose berry shades, true reds and reds with blue undertones. Also a great option is to go for a softer look with peachy and beige undertones. This skin tone is marginally popular, so finding a color for this skin tone is easy.

Medium Skin Tone – its great to wear deep reds, with a yellow undertone to really brighten up a medium skin. Sheers, creams and ,mattes can also be used with using many pink, rich and deep colors on this skin tone.

As well as judging what color you should wear with your skin tone you can also classify a completion by warm and cool.
Cool Undertones
Women with medium skin tones and cool undertones may have a very faint pink tint to their cheeks or may even have pale cheeks.
Warm Undertones
Those with medium skin tones with warm undertones may have a yellow, beige, peach or gold hue to their skin.
One easy way to determine your undertone is by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If the veins look blue, you’re likely a ‘cool’. If the veins appear greenish, you’re likely a ‘warm’.

Have you ever brought a lipstick then gotten it home and tried it again, and hated it? Well, well never fear, the worst thing you can do is throw it away. So just hold your horses. The best way to mix lipsticks is by experimenting, with all your colors. Add darker colors to lighter colors, complete opposite colors together and you will be very surprised at what your out come will be. Another little trick that I use if I really don’t like the lipstick color is mix a little of lipstick with a small amount of eye-shadow. It makes a great, long lasting lip color, which you didn’t have to purchase. You can have a different color of lipstick everyday!!! Fab!!!!

Lipstick can be a tricky part of make-up, but remember to be confident, wear a suitable color and be your-self. With these handy little lipstick tips you will never fail.
Keep those lips puckered and ready to smile! :)

Em x

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