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R&B Artist “zHUNDRED” Is Making Music With A Zeal…


We got the opportunity to chop it up with an up and coming 24 year old Japan born Califonia raised artist by the name of “zHudred”  who is making a reputable name for himself in the ATL.

First off, “zhunred” is a very intriging name how you did you come up with that and what does it mean?
The name zHundred represents the number 100. My focus is to remain 100% true to myself. Keeping that in mind, the number 1 in 100 signifies “zeal” and the zeros (00) in the number 100 signify the things learned through life and taking those lessons to apply them to the future. Therefore, I changed the 1 into a z (zeal) and spelled out the zeros to get “zHundred”. 

Being an up and coming artist there’s a lot of hardwork that goes into just getting heard, so how have you found success, what’s your hustle, ya grind, what sets you apart from other artist and how do you feel your music will expand and reach the masses?

When getting music heard you have to over-saturate the Internet. I try to make it a point to get on as many popular social networking sites, blogs, and other websites as possible. I believe that it is very important to network and put myself out there to  gain exposure and work with various promotion teams. In turn, as I continue to work hard and stay committed doors will open for more opportunity.

Longevity is the thing we all aspire for and longevity is breed from being multifaceted, so other than music what other interest do you have or other careers you might try once your music career takes off?

I have many talents and I plan to invest myself in as many things as I can. I love food and I want to invest in my own restaurant. I also have much interest in fashion and acting and I plan to involve myself with that somehow as well.  

What’s  ya ultimate dream?

My dream is far greater than having a successful music career.  I want to change lives for the better, provide for those who have little if any, to house those without shelter, feed the hungry, and most importantly educate those people so they will learn how to provide for themselves.

Where can we find out more about you and keep in touch with the things you have going on?
The best ways to keep updated with what I’m doing is staying current with: my website | www.zHundred.com || my twitter | www.twitter.com/zHundred || and also my youtube | zHundredMusic. 

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