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Dawn The Author, A Literary Phenom You Don’t Want To Miss…

First off, I read the first chapter and WOW such a tantilzing read, I’m eager to see how the rest of the book goes, as I’m quite sure the rest of those who pick up a copy of your book will be eager to do also. We appreciate you taking the time to allow our readers to learn more about you, so let’s begin:
1) Tell us a lil about you, where you’re from and all that jazz…

I’m big on culture. Ever since I was a kid I always looked up to Diana Ross. She was like this darkskinned doe eyed goddess who could bend the world by her will. I’ve always admired how she came from some project in the midwest to be this world wide icon. I’m from Columbus OH. It’s like a big town more than a city, but there’s so much soul and creativity there, not much outlets. My second home is Atlanta. To me I always feel free there, it’s where I hit my stride as an author and an artist. Atlanta is like black hollywood, it’s where I learned to believe in my ability.

2) What if any events inspired this book and describe the process of how creating the book all came together.

Everything I Miss At Home is purely fictional, however the skeleton of that novel was rooted deeply in my personal life. Everybody has this point in their life where they could be living a soap opera. I was able to tap into those feelings & cultivate those feelings with suspense and creativity. The three main characters are rooted in personality traits. Like Erin’s character is rooted in ambition and grandeur, Nikki is rooted in complacency, and Devyn is rooted in that search for validation and love. As crazy as Everything I Miss At Home gets the themes are very universal. Putting Everything I Miss At Home together was a process of uncovering emotions, feelings, and intentions. The discipline to write almost came easy because the story itself was entertaining. Not just to read but to write as well. As intense as Everything I Miss At Home is, it was fun to create.

3) What and who are some of your literary influences?

I was heavily influenced by hip hop music to create Everything I Miss At Home. Nas, Jay Z, Notorious BIG.. some of the greatest storytellers. These guys write in first person, and not in third. Because of them and the more deliberate impact of first person, I decided to write Everything I Miss At Home in first person so the reader experiences the novel through the minds of the characters and not through Dawn the author. It makes it more raw. Also Donald Goines, the author of the street masterpiece Never Die Alone, and Sister Souljah’s The Coldest Winter Ever were great influences on how raw emotionally I could go with Everything I Miss At Home. Donald Goines inspired me to be fearless with the content, Sister Souljah inspired I could create an emotional page turner.

4) Any other books or projects in the works we should know about?

The sequel to Everything I Miss At Home, My Secret Enemy is in the works right now. Also, I’m working on a written word art gallery called The Avant Garden, a political/sci-fi/religious thriller, as well as other writing projects. My work always comes across very visual and screenplays are in my sights right now.

5) Tell the people where we can purchase your book as well as keep up to date with whatever you have going on?

Everything I Miss At Home is available NOW at http://www.everythingimissathome.com Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.com as well as your local bookstore. I am very interested in touching bases with readers and my fan base and can be contacted at everythingimissathome@gmail.com . Also Like Everything I Miss At Home on Facebook and Follow @EIMAHXperience on Twitter. That way everyone can keep up with radio shows, appearances, and events going on for Everything I Miss At Home.

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