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Photo: CJ Canon
Photo: CJ Canon

#XMHeavyMetal: Our Day With Tesla Motors (Gallery)






We had the extreme pleasure of visiting the team at Tesla Motors Lenox location to learn about the Model X SUV Crossover and the Model S (above). We tested both models and must say we were extremely impressed with not only the speed with the P100 option but also with the luxury features with an affordable price point. We were excited to experience the powerful Model S speed firsthand with a 0-60 time span of 2.3 seconds! Speed combined with luxury, who could ask for anything more?


The most standout feature we absolutely loved about the Model X is the Falcon doors which convinced me I was a superhero! The Model X is transformative in many ways, the model we tested was priced at $145,000 fully loaded and featured the P100 battery option which gives more miles and top of the line speed. To learn more about the Model X and Model S click here and stay tuned for more of our ongoing coverage of all things Tesla. Enjoy the gallery below!


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